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Be a Shareholder

Be a Shareholder

Shareholder Investment Corporation – is a Dutch company that had maintained lead positions for over 11 years in the industry sectors such as: black metallurgy, shipbuilding, oil industry, geological survey and the investment in oil and gas deposits. The corporation unites over 20 industries and branches across Europe, including the Netherlands.

Stream Noypi - Shareholder

In 2015, the company had undergone re-registration and attained its official status of an off-shore company on the Seychelles. In addition, a new direction in working with private persons had been opened. From the moment of the website’s launch, the assets of SHAREHOLDER company will be sold openly ONLY ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

5 branches the corporation works in:

  • Geological survey of oil and gas deposits, start at $30 Investment.
  • Black metallurgy,  start at $300 Investment.
  • Shipbuilding, start at $500 Investment.
  • Petrochemical industry; start at $1,000 Investment.
  • Investment in oil and gas extraction. start at $2,000 Investment.
Shareholder IC regulations of income payment:

• Withdrawal of any amount you save up, regardless of your shares’ cost (assets cost – $30, $300, $500, $1,000, $2,000) every Thursday.
• Income is credited every Thursday.
• Opportunity to receive additional income through participation in the company’s expansion and the recruitment of shareholders and investors.

Payment Structure:

Geological survey. – you receive 0.7% - 1.3% of pure income daily upon the purchase of assets in the Geological survey sector. 21 – 39% per month. Validity of shares: 12 months
Black metallurgy. – you receive 0.85% - 1.5% of pure income daily upon the purchase of assets in the Black metallurgy sector. 25.5 – 45% per month. Validity of shares: 12 months
Income upon partner recruitment in these movements:
• 10% directly to you upon the partner’s recruitment, • 2% - your higher standing shareholder.

Benefits in the given sectors: : interest credit occurs over the entire period of partnership with the company income from the sales of produce and raw materials, long-term period of partnership, stable income.

Shipbuilding – you receive 1% - 1.7% of pure income daily upon the purchase of assets in the Shipbuilding sector. 30 – 51% per month. Validity of shares: 10 months
Oil Industry – you receive 1.05% - 1.9% of pure income daily upon the purchase of assets in the Oil industry sector. 31.5 – 57% per month. Validity of shares: 9 months
Oil and gas extraction – you receive 1.1% - 2.2% of pure income daily upon the purchase of assets in the Oil and gas extraction sector. 33 – 66% per month. Maximally high income level. Validity of shares: 8 months.

Still hesitate to join?
All you need is $30 dollar and after a week or your first withdrawal, you will see if you want to invest more or not. You can also ask the admin of this site himself regarding Shareholder-IC and ask proof.


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