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• As of today we implemented Pop-Up ads and Entry Ads (click SKIP AD to proceed) to make a little bit of money and use that funds to provide more free services. Sorry for inconvenience.

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Advertise Here

Stream Noypi sell some AD Space to all viewers and help them to expose their advertisement on our site and be seen by thousand of viewers (organic viewers) per day. See complete visitor report here.

How to Advertise?

1. Choose what kind of advertisement you want to advertise. Stream Noypi offers the following:

  • 300x250 banner
  • 125x125 banner
  • 729x90 banner
  • 468x60 banner
  • 480x300 Youtube ad with link
  • Text Ad on specific page. ex. "Alternate site for NBA live streaming" on my NBA Live page.
1.a All kind of advertisement will charge $5.00 per month or one time $35.00 for a 1 year ad (limited slot only)

1.b  1 year ad can me change or replace by request thru email.

2. You can pay directly to my Payza, Payeer or Webmoney. Email me ( to start a transaction.

3. Email the admin ( regarding the details of your advertisement like the following:
  • Advertisement type and duration
  • Banner image URL
  • Target link
  • Complete advertisement description
  • Youtube embed code or links
  • Desire location
  • Other question or proposal.

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